Executive Protection Fort Lauderdale

SpecOps' Fort Lauderdale Executive Protection services are custom tailored to fit the right amounts and types of assets with the lowest level of visibility to protect the client. This emphasis on highly trained non-intrusive low visibility security presence separates our executive protection services from what is thought of as stereotypical bodyguard and armed escort uniformed security. Let's step through an example of how the process would work for a fairly straight forward one day in-and-out business trip to Fort Lauderdale.

Intelligence - Threat Analysis, Site Surveys, and Route Planning

The first step upon engaging SpecOps' Executive Protection services is a conference call with the client to determine background and itinerary. From this meeting we perform a risk analysis, identifying any active threats and highlighting sites and routes to be surveyed before the principal's arrival. Let's break down our example client's itinerary as follows:

  1. 9AM Flight lands at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport- Site scouted, and private protection detail on hand prior to arrival.
  2. 9:45AM Conference at corporate offices, downtown Fort Lauderdale- Main and alternative routes physically scouted, traffic patterns assessed, locations of medical facilities and safe havens identified.
  3. 12PM Lunch at exclusive downtown Fort Lauderdale restaurant- The physical security survey of the location indicates that a protective surveillance detail arriving before the principal will provide the correct amount of security while allowing the principal and his clients "personal space" to conduct business without any intrusive bodyguard or armed escort presence.
  4. 2pm Conference at corporate offices, downtown Fort Lauderdale- Route survey indicates alternative return path avoiding school zones and other potential traffic choke points.
  5. 6pm Galleria Mall, Fort Lauderdale- Executive protection continues as principal elects to visit one of the points of interests identified in the original client survey. The same pre-arrival physical and route survey process is used to prepare for potential personal visits as well as corporate affairs. In this case, the open public environment suggests the inclusion of a protective surveillance detail to work in concert with the original executive protection personnel.
  6. 8pm Flight leaves from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport- Main and alternative routes are physically scouted one final time, and the executive protection detail completes their assignment as the principal's plane takes off safely.
Executive Protection Fort Lauderdale Secure Ground Transport - Upon arrival at Fort Lauderdale's Executive Airport a principal embarks on secure ground transportation with her executive protection detail.

By performing a risk analysis based upon client background and itinerary, your SpecOps executive protection team is able to not only identify areas of concern, but provide solutions mitigating security risks and resolving time management issues. This allows us to put together a plan leveraging the correct local Fort Lauderdale executive protection assets to provide the lowest possible visibility without compromising security.

Executive Protection Personnel

SpecOps' Fort Lauderdale executive protection personnel have received top-level training in specialized security measures, protective driving, crisis management, as well as emergency medical training. Going beyond traditional bodyguard and armed escort services, our security professionals are trained to stabilize, defuse, and de-escalate contentious situations and confrontations. The members of your executive protection detail understand that perception IS reality in this world, and thus pro-active incident avoidance is a key to maintaining low viability for the client.

Depending upon the areas of concern identified by initial risk analysis, the following three general types of executive protection assets will be utilized:

  1. Close-in Protection- Fort Lauderdale's traditional bodyguard or armed escort style executive protection modernized by SpecOps' low visibility methodology. These are the private security personal that blend into the principal's entourage indistinguishable from actual members of the principal's staff. An extra relative on a family vacation, or one more associate attending a business conference.
  2. Protective Surveillance- Providing an enlarged security perimeter, protective surveillance involves blending an additional executive protection team into a location the principal will be visiting prior to the principal's arrival. This team concentrates on identifying hostile surveillance, threats, and developing situations from a large enough distance that the team is not identified with the principal's party itself. This form of executive protection is ideal for public locations where adding personnel to the principal's party will draw unwanted attention. A strong synergy exists by utilizing local Fort Lauderdale executive protection talent for these missions as anything out of place will be identified quicker, while the risk of the security team itself seeming out of place will be reduced.
  3. Secure Ground Transportation- Finally, secure ground transportation should never be overlooked when putting together an executive protection plan. Upgrading from a limousine with a chauffeur in Fort Lauderdale to an armored vehicle with an armed escort as the driver is usually equivalent in price, or actually less expensive. Not only do you have the benefit of a safer ride, but you will be in a much more agile vehicle with a driver whom not only knows how to get you to where you want to go, but is constantly aware of locations of safe havens and emergency medical facilities.
Fort Lauderdale Executive Protection's version of an armoured car - An armoured Escallade blends into Fort Lauderdale's natural traffic patterns while providing secure ground transport for the principal and his executive protection detail, for no additional cost when compared to a limosine service.
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